Formerly known as Wataniya Mobile, Ooredoo Palestine launched its commercial services in November 2009 in the West Bank, and since then our priority has been to satisfy subscribers by providing the best services and programs to them using latest technology. Our vision, values and mission have been designed to meet the needs of subscribers in the best way posible.

Our mission is to make every effort to become the best subscribers’ choice for mobile telecommunications and internet services, and the first choice for job seekers. We work at Ooredoo to offer a range of services and products tailored to the needs of individuals and businesses in Palestine. We offer subscribers complete and easy to use communication software that gives them real value as well as best coverage, best quality and best services.

Ooredoo Palestine established in partnership with the National-National Company a Free Zone that is entirely owned by the National Mobile Telecommunications Company (NMTC), the majority of which is owned by Ooredoo International Group and the Palestine Investment Fund (PIF). In 2010, the capital was raised and 15% of the capital of Wataniya Mobile National Company was put forward for initial public subscription. In 2018, the Company's capital was raised by USD35 million under a secondary public subscription. The ownership of the National- International Company - Free Zone reached 49.03% and the ownership of PIF reached 34.6%, while 16.01% is owned by the public. The Company is registered in PEX to have the largest capital amounting to USD 293 million issued and paid shares.

Ooredoo's long experience in the field of mobile telecommunications, which it has developed in many countries around the world, provides our Company Ooredoo Palestine with the highest standards of mobile services and ideal coverage for subscribers. PIF is working to build an independent, vibrant and growing Palestinian economy by investing in strategic areas such as telecommunications.

This strong base, built by Ooredoo Palestine over the past years, gives it the ability to combine high-quality telecommunication and internet services and work towards change and development in the Palestinian economy with the view of providing job opportunities and developing businesses and companies in Palestine.

Ooredoo Palestine has succeeded in overcoming many challenges since its launch. The Company was successful in obtaining frequencies operating in the West Bank after many years, and in entering the Gaza Strip after a boycott of more than 10 years by the occupation. In addition, Ooredoo Palestine had the privilege of operating 3G services exclusively, but this did not take place on the ground; however, the Company was able to provide high-quality 3G services when launched in the West Bank. The services were the strongest and best in terms of price and quality.

The name Ooredoo, inspired by the word "I want" in Arabic, epitomizes the philosophy of the Company. We are here to help customers achieve their goals and fulfill their requirements, and this means that we are ready to help them round the clock. The circles in the new and unique logo represent the various communities in which Ooredoo offers services, while the rotation of the characters reflects the new name. The red color symbolizes enthusiasm, vitality and youth.